The Young Owls 2020 Student application is now closed.



Students qualify for the program if they are completing their freshman year of high school. The program curricula is designed specifically for students who have not yet started their sophomore year of high school. To be eligible for YOLP, applicants must attend a school in the Houston Independent School District. Historically, students accepted into the program are generally:

  • Underrepresented minorities (URM)
  • Free or reduced price lunch
  • First generation or low income (FLI)



Tips to Apply

To provide guidance to prospective student applicants, we have generated a list below to aid you in your YOLP application.

  • Make sure to think your answers thoroughly on the short response questions; we are looking for thoughtful responses!
  • The word limit is 250 maximum; although you are not required to use the entire word limit, make sure you do take advantage of the space you are allotted. This is your time to shine.
  • Have a teacher, friend, or trusted individual to look over your responses. Having a fresh pair of eyes look at your writing really helps!
  • Make a list of any of your school goals or life goals. Be reflective! We are interested in what makes you unique.
  • Identify a time in your life that made you proud of yourself. Be creative! We are interested in what you have to say.



Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. When does the Young Owls Leadership Program run?

A. The program will run from Saturday May 30th to Saturday June 6th, 2020. Students are required to stay on campus for the duration of the program. Parents/guardians are required to attend an information session on Saturday, May 30th on the morning of drop-off.

Q. What are the program costs?

A. All program activities, housing services, and dining services are provided free of charge. All meals will be provided by access to the on-campus serveries. Students will stay in the university dormitories for the duration of the program.





Resume Template


If you have any questions, please email